Klinik Bisnis was founded on November 29, 2020, and was initiated by Monica Putri Rasyid as one of the work programs at the Abdul Rasyid Foundation. Klinik Bisnis aims to improve the quality of human resources that are economically independent and help reduce unemployment in Central Kalimantan and Indonesia. Monica Putri Rasyid initiated the Klinik Bisnis based on the philosophy of her father H. Abdul Rasyid who really cares about the social life around her, so the Abdul Rasyid Foundation has created several work programs that can help more people and the Klinik Bisnis is one of these work programs.

Full Name:Monica Putri Rasyid
Place, date of birth:Banjarmasin, 26 August 1993
Education:Bond University
Hobby:Mountain tracking, Gym, touch rugby, reading, sitting down observing people, drive, disconnecting with the world.
Job:Deputy Director Commercial SSMS Group & CBI Group
ARF at a glance:The foundation houses educational institutions for the sons and daughters of Central Borneo.
Message/Hope:My hope for the youth of Indonesia is to realize that dreaming big is the first step to a life full of success. By knowing your dream you are guided and motivated by it. And also for you to realize the importance of investing in yourself by educating, networking, and developing your skills. By creating value in yourself, you are increasing the value of others around you.


Klinik Bisnis is a platform under the auspices of the Abdul Rasyid Foundation and is a long-term program that will provide education to the younger generation so that they have the ability to think in building a business and become successful business people.

The target of the Klinik Bisnis is Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) from all industrial sectors that do not yet have adequate systems and infrastructure so that MSME activists can be alert to the problems that befall their business, especially after the Covid 19 pandemic, the impact of which was felt by many sectors. Economic growth will be seen from the increasing number of entrepreneurs owned, this is also an indicator of the success of a region or region so that UMKM has an important role in improving the regional economy.

Strategies carried out by Klinik Bisnis include providing entrepreneurial guidance from professional experts in their fields, opening network expansion for Klinik Bisnis partners, education with various facilities, and providing financial assistance. For now, the Klinik Bisnis focuses on Central Kalimantan millennials who dedicate themselves to the Indonesian nation, according to our tagline #darikaltenguntukIndonesia.



  • As a platform that is tasked with fostering and developing capabilities to improve the existence of more advanced, superior, and independent MSMEs.
  • Can increase the role of MSMEs in building regional and national economies by providing an open role for millennials to take real action therein.
  • Creating young entrepreneurs who are able to spread the benefits of their environment.