• Vol. 5
  • Semester II
  • 2021
Video Class (Zoom Meeting)
300 Participants
Friday, 13 August 2021
02:00 PM
Axel Efraim
Risfa Nur Aisyah

Running a business and managing finances properly often seems complicated and confusing to most people. But on the other hand, some people actually have good abilities in business matters, namely having good abilities in turning money in business in the right way. So the chances of getting success will certainly be much greater.

In general, business people like this are very observant in seeing opportunities and at the same time making the most of them. This allows them to get a lot of benefits, so that their capital can be used to the maximum. If done consistently, this will certainly make your financial condition better and the opportunity to collect more money will always be wide open.

In Class 2 Semester Business Clinic Vol. 5 has the theme "Turning Finances for Profits" which will discuss how to manage finances and rotate some business profits to obtain greater profits, so that small business actors such as MSMEs can get maximum profits and can improve the business economy and be able to move up class and become a bigger business venture.

Tools used:
  • Participants have a Gadget/Laptop and stable internet access
  • Participants have Zoom Meeting apps