• Vol. 3
  • Semester II
  • 2021
Video Class (Zoom Meeting)
300 Participants
Tuesday, 06 July 2021
01:30 PM
Desi Yubilate, S.Kom., M.Pd
Hiyatul Asfia, S.H., M.H.
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Running a business from home does have many advantages and has become a trend lately, even more so with the ease of access to promote products on social media today.

However, before home-based entrepreneurs can start their business, they must first apply for a Home Industry Food licensing certificate (PIRT). Intense competition with various types of modern business products that already have complete laboratory test results for safety, so home-based business products on the MSME scale need to convince consumers of food products that are produced so that they need to have a certificate suitable for consumption. Even though they are processed on a small scale, MSME products that have a PIRT permit are guaranteed safety because they have gone through several stages of testing and selection. This process is carried out strictly by the relevant agencies so that the products that pass are truly fit for consumption.

In Class 2 Semester Kelas Klinik Bisnis Vol. 3 this time, we will discuss further how the fastest and easiest way to apply for a PIRT Permit, so that MSME home-based business products can compete with modern industrial business products, so that they can help MSMEs in marketing their products with a wider range.

Tools used:
  • Participants have a Gadget/Laptop and stable internet access
  • Participants have Zoom Meeting apps