Last Updated: Sunday, 11 April 2021

What is a Klinik Bisnis?

The Klinik Bisnis is an aid agency for Central Kalimantan MSMEs under the auspices of the Abdul Rasyid AS Foundation which has a Klinik Bisni Program which aims to provide assistance, empowerment of young people in Central Kalimantan to become independent and resilient entrepreneurs.


What is MSMEs?

MSMEs is a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) is a business that is run by individuals, households, or small business entities in the fields of culinary, fashion, technology, cosmetics, automotive, souvenirs and agribusiness that become partners of MSME Business Clinics.

What are the Klinik Bisnis Programs:

  1. Klinik Bisnis Orientation (OKB)
  2. Klinik Bisnis Class (KKB)
  3. Preneur coffee
  4. Humanity Biggest Festival
  5. Humanity Movement


Who are the Partners of MSMEs Klinik Bisnis?

Klinik Bisnis MSMEs Partners are MSME Owners who have been selected so that they have the obligation to participate in the entire Klinik Bisnis Program organized by the First Party and will receive assistance from the First Party based on the terms and conditions agreed in the Klinik Bisnis Cooperation / Partnership Agreement.


How to Become a Klinik Bisnis MSMEs Partner?

Register when the registration is opened in each batch by completing the administrative requirements that have been determined.
* Note: Registration for Batch I Klinik Bisnis Partners has been closed.


How Do Partners Get MSMEs Funds?

Partners to Get Micro, Small, and Medium Business Assistance Funds, namely by participating in all Klinik Bisnis Programs from the start to the end with the Klinik Bisnis Festival (Giant Festival) and carrying out what are the duties and responsibilities of a Klinik Bisnis Partner listed in the Partnership Certificate.


Klinik Bisnis Class

Should Partners Take Klinik Bisnis Classes To Get Help From Klinik Bisnis?

Yes, you have to take classes in order to get knowledge in accordance with the material that has been determined with major themes, namely marketing, branding and finance.


Does Class Affect Partner Breakouts?

Yes, class is one of the components that you must follow to benefit from the objectives of the Klinik Bisnis which is to assist and manage MSMEs.


Does the Class Have a Duration or Deadline?

The Klinik Bisnis Class has 2 hours including the delivery of speakers and questions and answers.


Are Klinik Bisnis Classes Open To The Public?

Yes, each Klinik Bisnis Class has a characteristic that is open to the public according to the specified conditions, which must be registered as a registered partner and Klinik Bisnis participant and there is live streaming on the Klinik Bisnis social media.


If I Don't Get Quota to Register to Become a Partner, Can I Participate in the Selection of the Next Generation?

Of course you can participate in the selection of the next batch of periods. In each batch you choose, you will receive a notification whether you have passed or not in your email account.


If I Fail or Don't Pass the Force Selection Do I have to re-register again?

No, if the selection fails because the quota runs out, you can participate in the selection for the next batch. There is no need to repeat the registration process from the beginning, it's just that you have to innovate in making your MSME Business meet the SOP of a Klinik Bisnis.


Selection Results of Klinik Bisnis Partners

How Do You Know If I Am Passed Or Not?

On the date of the Force selection announcement, log in to your email account, then check your email. If you pass the batch selection, you will also receive a breakout notification via Whatsapp. If you don't pass, you will get a notification on your email account. The graduation announcement will also be notified on all Klinik Bisnis social media accounts.


MSMEs Fund Assistance

Who can get Funding Assistance?

Funding is only provided to valid Partners who have completed all stages of the Klinik Bisnis program as stated in the Partnership Agreement Letter.

How much is the amount of MSME funding assistance?
Funding assistance will be disbursed in the amount of IDR 250,000,000 million for 25 Klinik Bisnis MSMEs Partners.